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How Good A Job Do You Think KoM™ Is Doing.. And Do You Want Them To Keep Doing Awesone?

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Knights Of Murdoc™ Stream Rules

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Knights Of Murdoc™ Stream Rules

Post  Admin on 16th October 2010, 01:31

Read Them, Know Them, Love Them, Live Them.

Chat Rules:

1) English Only.

2) Be Respectful, No Racism, Sexism, Or Any Other Derogatory Ism's.

3) No Posting Links Without Asking Permission From The Broadcaster, Or One Of The Mods.

4) No Spamming. Period.

5) No All Caps Messages, A Few Are Ok But To Many And The Mods Will Crush You.

6) No Game Wars Or Console Wars.

7) Don't Argue With The Broadcaster Or The Mods, You Can't Win.

8) Do Not Advertise ANYTHING In The Chat Without Asking.

9) Do Not Ask To Be A Chat Moderator, If We Feel You Would Make A Good Mod Then We Will Make You A Mod, If Your Helpful And Good In Chat. Until Then Deal With The Fact That Your Not A Mod.

10) Do NOT Come Into The Chat Talking Constant Smack About The Broadcaster Or Anyone They Play With. Or How Much Better You Are, If You Don't Like The Stream Then Get Out, We're Not Forcing You To Stay.

11) Do Not Send The Broadcaster Or Anyone They Play With Friend Requests Or Party Invites Or Chat Invites, If Your Not A Regular Player With The Broadcaster Then You Will Not Be On Their Friend List, Period. If You Send A Friend Request/Chat/Party Invite You Will Have Communications Blocked.

12) Do Not Ever Join The Session Of The Broadcaster Or The People They Are Playing With. If Discover This To Be The Case, A Complaint Will Be Filled, Communications Will Be Blocked And You Will Be Perma Banned From The Channel.

13) The Broadcaster And The Others In The Chat Are Here To Have Fun. (Just Like You Should Be) Under No Circumstances Will We Tolerate Any Conversation That Bashes Other Viewers, Players Or Broadcasters Regardless Of Who They Are. You Will Only Get One Warning Before The Mods Permanently Ban You.

We Employ The Services Of Moobot In The KoM Channel, And He Is Vicious And Unrelenting. Watch It.

The Above Rules Are Fairly Comprehensive, However Just Because It Isn't Listed Here Doesn't Mean You Won't Get A Timeout Or Ban For It. The Mods And Broadcaster Reserve Discretion In The Matter Of Timeouts And Bans And If We Feel That You Deserve One, You'll Get It..

Violations Of Any Of The Above Rules Will Result In A Warning, Then Timeout. Continued Violations Will Result In Permanent Banning From the Channel.

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Knights General

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