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Knights Of Murdoc™'s New Years Resolution

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Knights Of Murdoc™'s New Years Resolution

Post  Asheon on 7th January 2011, 10:03

So We're Into The New Years By A Couple Days Now, And Here At Knights Of Murdoc™ We Really Want To Make 2011 Ours. So.. We Need Your Help. Our Goal Is To Be A Gaming Community Built By Gamers For Gamers.. I Mean Who Else Knows Gamers Better Than Other Gamers. To Get Us To That Goal We Would Like To Start Giving Away Prizes Through Our Justin.tv Stream. But.. Since We're Not Exactly Making Any Money Doing This. Here Is What We Propose..

So having a donation option on my channel is nothing new, I have had one there for quite some time so that if someone wanted to help with the stream they could. But now I am asking for help. Why? Well for multiple reasons really, one being that I want to keep my channel as ad free as possible and while I can't stop the JTV ads there are others I can prevent such as ads from sponsors. The other reason is that it is getting more expensive to stream not only due to general utility cost (internet, power, etc...) but getting games that you guys want to watch. I would also like to be able to give away cool prizes every month as a thank you for stopping by and hanging out with us during the streams, it is getting harder for me to be able to do that. At this point without the help of the viewers of this channel I will not be able to continue streaming for much longer.

So what am I asking for? Well to be honest not much, all I am asking is that everyone try to donate Fifty Cents ($ 0.50) - One Dollar ($ 1.00) one time every month. That's it. If all of the followers of this channel donated One Dollar ($ 1.00) one time every month that would equate out to approx. Twenty-Six Hundered Dollars ($ 2,600) per month in donations. That is a LOT of money and would allow me to not only keep this stream running but to give back some of the best prizes out there EVERY MONTH!! So assuming there were approx. Two Thousand ($ 2000) in donations for a month I would use what I needed to keep the stream up and then give the rest away as prizes to the channel.

So what kind of prizes would I be giving away? Well depending on the amount donated I would try to give away the BEST prizes, such as HDTV's, HD Monitors, XBOX 360's, PS3's, Turtle Beach, Tritton, Astro Headsets, Kinect, PS Move, Games, Controllers, Microsoft Points, XBOX LIVE Memberships, Gift Cards, and much more. I would keep some of the donations in reserve so that I could help out those in need, so that if someone needs say XBOX LIVE to keep playing they could apply and we could help them out. After all... We Are Gamers, For Gamers.

But I can't do any of this without YOUR help! So if you're able to, please click that chip in button and donate as much as you feel comfortable with.

Much Love and Thanks,

So If You Feel Like We Do About Gaming, And Want To See People(Or Yourself) Get Really Cool Prizes, Or Help When You Need It. Donate..
We Don't Want ALL Your Money.. (Yes We Do) Just A Dollar Here Or There.. Like What Simon Said.. If Just 2600 People Gave 1 Dolllar That's $2600 Dollars We Would Be Able To Put Towards Giving Away Prizes, And Helping People Out. So.. We Leave It Up To You Guys..

Have A Good Game,
Knights Of Murdoc™

"There Is Cake" ...... "Where Is The Cake?" ...... "The Cake Is A Lie!!!!" lol!
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