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The Identity of lolgettubed.

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The Identity of lolgettubed.

Post  S1M0N5 on 8th January 2011, 06:35

The following conversation took place on January 8th, 2011 between myself and FPS Black Ops (Vic Rattlehead) it confirms the identity of "lolgettubed".

[12:53:32 AM] Vic Rattlehead: are you still on this?

[12:53:49 AM] S1M0N5: yo

[12:54:09 AM] Vic Rattlehead: so what do you want to knoiw?

[12:55:00 AM] S1M0N5: what i heard was a rumor... i am asking you if its true because i hate rumors and so i go to the source. Are you lolgettubed or not?

[12:55:14 AM] Vic Rattlehead: and i ask again

[12:55:19 AM] Vic Rattlehead: does it matter if i am or not?

[12:57:24 AM] S1M0N5: yes it does matter, because if you are, just like someone else (that we both know) being vroom vroom boom, i would be extreamly dissapointed that you pulled some shit like that... if your not than your not and it doesn't really mater and i will clear up the rumor shit asap, but i am not assuming that you are because someone else said you were, if i were doing that i never would have asked you about it.

[12:58:52 AM] S1M0N5: besides... if you're not him then why all this bs about wether or not it matters, you would just say no and be done with it.

[1:00:20 AM] S1M0N5: your actions and rufusal to provide a straight answer in this matter are what is leading me to believe that you are in fact lolgettubed, not because someone said you were. At this point the only reason I think it may be you is because you are refusing to provide a straight answer.

[1:00:48 AM] Vic Rattlehead: Straight answer or not, seriously what does it matter?
[1:00:59 AM] Vic Rattlehead: Your stream hasn't been affected by 'him'

[1:01:23 AM] S1M0N5: ok lets turn it around... if it doesn't matter... why not just tell me one way or the other?

[1:02:14 AM] S1M0N5: and yes my stream has been affected by "him" as him and vroom are part of the reason that i don't stream as much as i used to...

[1:03:01 AM] Vic Rattlehead: Hm

[1:03:02 AM] Vic Rattlehead: well

[1:03:51 AM] Vic Rattlehead: Your obviously trying really really hard to find out who he is?

[1:03:53 AM] Vic Rattlehead: Tell me

[1:04:03 AM] Vic Rattlehead: What do you plan to do when you find out that answer?

[1:08:02 AM] S1M0N5: how about i put it to you this way... I am going to have a smoke, i'll be back in front of my computer in about 5 minutes, when i sit down and look at this conversation i expect to see an answer, one way or the other. This is the only oppertunity that you have to be straight with me where i will beleive what you say, after this i am done with the topic. should you choose to continue to act immature and childish with regards to wether or not you provide an answer I will have no option other than beleiving that the only reason you don't want to answer is because you are in fact lolgettubed.

[1:10:19 AM] Vic Rattlehead: Ok you want a straight forward answer?

[1:12:44 AM] S1M0N5: ok back... whats it gonna be?

[1:15:42 AM] Vic Rattlehead: I am lol got tubed, the matter at hand is making me laugh in so many ways that you wouldn't even realize. My main concern is your taking this far too seriously and should calm down about it. JTV should be a pass time, a hobby of sorts. Not something you should get all worked up about. If someone is following you into your games, don't even pay attention. People are there to watch you play, yeah they want to see good gameplay. But i even know of people who suck ass at playing CoD or other multiplayer games and they get SOO many viewers each time they stream.

[1:16:28 AM] S1M0N5: well thank you for giving me a straight answer.

[1:16:37 AM] Vic Rattlehead: Your very much welcome

Screen Cap Of The Convo
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Re: The Identity of lolgettubed.

Post  Asheon on 8th January 2011, 09:02

All I Want To Say On This Is, Called It...
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