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For $5.00USD per month you can have a guaranteed VIP slot on the server, meaning that if you want in, you get in, the server will automatically make room for you, even if it is full.

Make sure you reserve your VIP slot today while they are still available!

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Join us on TeamSpeak!!
Knights of Murdoc™ TeamSpeak Viewer

You will need the TeamSpeak 3 Client, go to the TeamSpeak Downloads Page to get the latest version.

Server Connection Info:

Server - knightsofmurdoc.dyndns.tv
Port - 9987
No Password Needed
Nickname - Please set this to your JTV/KoM Forum Username so that I know who you are.

Please make sure you are set to "Push-To-Talk" and have an assigned PTT Button under Settings > Options > Capture

Thank you all and I look forward to chatting with you on Team Speak

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