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Looking For Ps3 Players.

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Looking For Ps3 Players.

Post  Asheon on 25th October 2010, 04:31

Ok So The Word Is Out, We Don't Really Have Any Ps3 Players.
So, We're Looking To Recruit. If You Play Ps3 Please Sign Up, We Are Trying To Expand Into The Ps3 Console. But We Need Active Members, And People Who Will Step Up And Show Leadership Qualities To Help Us Out With The Ps3 Branch.

Application Example:

Psn: Ex: Asheon

Age: Ex: (If You Don't Know What Age Means, You Shouldn't Fill Out The Application)

Region: Ex: Uk, Us:SouthEast, Canada, Us:SouthWest, Etc..

Current Games Played: Ex: CoD:Black Ops, Fable 3, Borderlands 2, Brink

TimeZone: Ex: EST

Why You Want To Join: Ex: I Love KoM Their The Best!!

Your Favorite Food: Ex: Pizza

50 Reasons You Love KoM™:

When Your Normally Online: Ex: 5-12Pm EST

"There Is Cake" ...... "Where Is The Cake?" ...... "The Cake Is A Lie!!!!" lol!
Knights General
Knights General

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Re: Looking For Ps3 Players.

Post  w1n5t0n on 25th October 2010, 21:54

i play the ps3

Psn: phlimphlam


Region: northwest USA

Current Games Played: CoD: modern warfare 2, Cod:black ops, Red Dead Redemption

Timezone: PCT

Why I Want To Join: Well if there is only one ps3 player might as well be me!

My Favorite Food: 5 guys hamburgers

When I Am Normally Online: No fixed time, i play when i feel like it


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Re: Looking For Ps3 Players.

Post  Voodoo on 3rd November 2010, 20:15

Psn: dpghill

Age: 21

Region: Uk Nottinghamshire (Midlands)

Current Games Played: CoD:MW2, MAG, SOCOM, Little big planet, F1 2010, Grid, Need for Speed.....

TimeZone: GMT

Why You Want To Join: I would like to be a part of a clan in PS3 Smile

Your Favorite Food: Curry!!! Wink

When Your Normally Online: 6pm - 1am Most Weekdays

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Age : 30
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Re: Looking For Ps3 Players.

Post  Drew0127 on 6th November 2010, 20:22

Even though I've already told you Ash, I'll say it again.

Psn: Drew790

Age: 20

Region: US: Southwest

Current Games Played: CoD:MW2, WaW, CoD 4, Madden, GHWT, and Metallica

TimeZone: PST

Why You Want To Join: Because I enjoy the KoM community and would like to be part of a clan like this.

Your Favorite Food: Western Bacon Cheeseburger n Fries

When Your Normally Online: 4pm-12am


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Post  xethump3 on 12th November 2010, 04:33

Application Example:

Psn: Ex: xethump
Age: Ex: 17
Region: Ex: Southeast... North Carolina FTW!!!
Current Games Played: CoD: MW2, CoD:Black Ops(Soon), CoD: World at War, Any Final Fantasy game... Currently FF13, Madden, NBA 2k10 and NBA 2k11(soon)

TimeZone: Eastern

Why You Want To Join: I've been watching the stream for some time now, and I just love what the channel has got going... It's a positive channel that wants to make the gaming community stronger and more recognized. and KoM= AWESOME Laughing

Your Favorite Food: Ex: Tacos

When Your Normally Online: Ex: I getting a new ps3 at Christmas, but as of now 3:30-8:30 EST Other than that its random...



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Post  Atherisx on 18th April 2011, 20:24

Psn: Atherisx

Age: 17 (seventeen).

Region: Canada, Atlantic.

Current Games Played: Call of Duty: Black Ops, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Warriors of Rock, Borderlands, Skate 3.

TimeZone: Atlantic (GMT-4)
Why You Want To Join: I am interested in finding players that play the PS3 Console and enjoy the community that exists within the Knights of Murdoc.

Your Favorite Food: Anything that goes good on a wrap(Ex: Chicken with salsa and cheese).

Reasons You Love KoM™(I added this in): Amazing community, people actually take the game seriously to a point while still prioritizing fun.

When Your Normally Online: 4PM-10PM Atlantic (GMT-4).

Referred By (another piece of info you may want to know): Liliaku .

Last edited by Atherisx on 18th April 2011, 20:27; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : forgot something, corrected typos)


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Re: Looking For Ps3 Players.

Post  KoM Draegast on 22nd April 2011, 01:58

All of the above are accepted Very Happy

KoM™️ Executive Assistant / CSO / Board Member / Chief Military Advisor
Being in the army is like being in the Boy Scouts, except that the Boy Scouts have adult supervision.

KoM Draegast
Knights Colonel
Knights Colonel

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Re: Looking For Ps3 Players.

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