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Introduction time!

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Introduction time!

Post  Atherisx on 18th April 2011, 20:52

Name: Kyle
Alias: Atherisx/krusha14
Country: C-eh-N-eh-D-eh
Timezone: GMT-4 (Atlantic Canada)
Age: 17
Language: English
About me: I am your average gamer one could say, I play mostly rhythm (had to google the spelling) games and the occasional FPS, I have been slowly getting into Minecraft and have played runescape for quite a while off and on, I kinda can't really focus on one game for a huge length of time other than GH but I am always playing one thing or another, I occasionally play around with a Squire Stratocaster (electric guitar) and I completely suck at that XD. I am a lover of food as well, I cook often at home just experimenting with spices and the like, if I find anything that is really amazing I'll share it XD. I more or less just random about on forums and whatnot, but I am active when I ain't swamped with school work or work work (this summer I'll be working full time 42h a week, eugh, but maybe I'll be able to make a donation then XD)
I thend to ramble alot and I tent to never shut up XD like now is a prime example XD. anyways, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask, I dont really take too much offense to much XD.


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