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The Problem Child Of JTV

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The Problem Child Of JTV

Post  S1M0N5 on 24th January 2011, 10:54

So many of may be aware that there is a user on JTV that has been visiting various channels and joining the sessions of the broadcasters while they are playing Call of Duty™: Black Ops™ and then acquiring their IP address using a program called Cain & Able. After acquiring the casters IP address this user has been using a "Botnet", an autonomous network of "bots" spread out over several servers and under the control of a single user that allows that user the use of the bandwidth of the servers to flood the IP address on specific UDP Communication Ports, this "Botnet" is illegal and having one violates federal law. This user is also using the information provided by the JTV casters to determine where they live, including their address and phone numbers, and has been contacting them and making threats to them and their families. Unfortunately the number of JTV usernames that this person has is far to great to list, however you will find a listing of the known XBOX Live Gamertags that this person uses as well as all Known IP address that this person has used to connect to the XBOX Live Service and the IP addresses of the Botnet Proxies that are known. I am also including a link to this persons known Youtube channel where this person makes several claims to have hacked or "jacked" several XBOX Live Gamertags (many of which are the ones he uses to trap IP addresses), this is a federal offence and a violation of the Microsoft XBOX Live Terms of Service.

I have personally provided this information to Microsoft and the FBI but I am now asking that all of you please provide a link to this page to Microsoft via the links provided below, the more people that provide this information to Microsoft and the authorities the more likely it is that they will take action against this person.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter and thank you for forwarding this information on.

**UPDATE 01/25/2011** This person has created a website/forum for the express purpose of providing a place for people to request "account jacking" and to discuss hacking and other illegal acts. http://360mod.com

**UPDATE 01/26/2011** Recording of live broadcast where this person full admits to violating Federal Law and actually violates Federal Law live, while using the XBOX Live Services. http://www.justin.tv/s1m0n5/b/278296156

Youtube Where This Person Admits To Violating Federal Law and Microsoft TOS

**UPDATE 01/26/2011** Second Youtube Account That Shows Same Videos

Known XBOX Live Gamertags:
OpTic Predator (This USED TO BE OpTic Predators GT but He changed it.)
tD BaBy ToTz

Known IP Address (XBOX Live):
Traces to Bellingham, WA - Hosted By Comcast Cable - c-24-17-162-169.hsd1.wa.comcast.net
Trace Results
Traces to Bellingham, WA - Hosted By Comcast Cable - c-24-17-162-209.hsd1.wa.comcast.net
Trace Results

Known IP Address (Botnet) - Trace Results - Trace Results - Trace Results - Trace Results - Trace Results

Copy of the security log from my router when I was flooded (in PDF Format)

Tiny URL of this article for linking:

Where to Post or Send this Information:
XBOX Live Support - Twitter
The Vowel - Twitter
Major Nelson - Twitter
Josh Olin (JD_2020) - Twitter
ANYWHERE That will improve our chances of stopping these attacks and bringing this person to justice.
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