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Rome Total War Review

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Rome Total War Review Empty Rome Total War Review

Post  KoM Draegast on 8th January 2011, 00:07

Rome Total War Review

Alright so I’ve been asked to write you guys a nice little review on a game called Rome Total War. I will probably turn this into a review series starting from Rome Total War all the way to Shogun II Total War coming out first quarter of 2011.
Starting off with the basics of the game. It’s a Turn based Campaign game combined with Real Time Battles the player start off in 280 BC where Rome is still a hatchling state and lasts until 100 AD. Although having conquered most of Italy and Sicily from the latin Italians and several other Italian City States, and the Greeks to the south.
Here is an example of what you would see on a Campaign map:
Rome Total War Review Rome-t11
Displayed here is the World Map on the bottom left, your buildings in any given town, in this case this town is the Capital of the Julii Romans, a family within the Roman Empire. It also shows you how many troops you have garrisoned within that particular city or fort. It also shows you the governor of the city when you open up the scroll of the city with his general traits and personal characteristics of the general.
Rome Total War Review Rome-t12

Moving over to the right you see the troop queue, the building queue, the faction information (the red circle image) and the end turn button. Furthermore you see how much money you have, which city you are currently viewing, the type of city and which season you are on. Now Rome Total War gives you Summer and Winter. So 2 turns is basically 1 year forward into the game.
The first thing you want to do is get familiar with how the buildings work and how they affect the happiness of your population. Rome Total War is also an economy based game generating money (also known as Denarii) for your empire depending on how upgraded your economic buildings are. There are 4 types of main buildings. Infrastructure, Military, Agriculture and Religious buildings. Each of these affect part of your city independently, and also give construction bonuses and reducing in cost. Buildings take turns to build and can be damaged in riots, floods, sieges, volcanic eruptions etc.
Now moving over to the diplomatic side of the game. Not only can you recruit an army from your recruitment screen but you can also recruit assassins to try and kill the enemy armies general so your army will have a better shot at defeating that enemy given the fact that the assassination succeeds. Aside from the assassins you can also recruit spies which will tell you their army details, their battlements (fancy word for a city’s walls) and their garrison defending the city. Spies will also have a chance of opening the city’s doors for you if you would decide to show up with a massive army to take the settlements for your glorious Empire.
Moving on to the Real Time Strategy Part of the game this will really make you feel like the odd of winning or losing don’t really matter because you are in charge of an army who will bleed and die for you and fight valiantly to expand your Empire for as long as they live.
First subject you would probably focus on is mastering open pitched battles. The battle map you will fight on will be decided by where you are on the campaign map and the surroundings within the red box around the 2 clashing armies will also be found on the battle map itself.
The battle map you might be fighting on would look a little something like this:
Rome Total War Review Rtw_210

Here you see the Romans duking it out against the massive onslaught of the Gauls (present day France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Part of the British Isles and northern Italy)
Since the list of units you can recruit for every faction is too big (there are 17 factions excluding the rebels in the game) I will post a link to all the units in the game in a list on this site: http://rtw.heavengames.com/rtw/info/units/index.shtml

Next up is Siege Battles, this will require alot of planning and careful troop manouvering as defenders will have alot of archers on their towers and walls.

Everything else in this part of the game is pretty self explanatory and there will be a battle demo in the game listed as a Tutorial.
The game also has a few other game modes such as a custom battle where you can create your own armies to fight against each other and slaughter everyone around.

This game also has a MULTIPLAYER feature, where you can play up to 5v5 with massive armies requiring team work to win the battle, not just personal tactical genius.
Continuing on, this game also has Historical battle mode where you can replay historically famous and accurate battles and change the course of history.

Final part will be the expansion packs.
Rome Total War has 2 Expansion Packs. One focusing on Alexander The Greats conquest of the Persian Empire and beyond. Really the goal of the Campaign on that expansion is controlling the entire map..
You also have the expansion pack called Barbarian Invasion, which focuses around the time where the Roman Empire was crumbling under the barbarians.
You get the option to restore the roman empire back to its former glory or play as a barbarian faction and crush the Roman World Domination.

In another topic I will do a Battle tactics thread explaining the different uses of units and how to make use good tactics against overwhelming odds to win you the victory.

Thanks for viewing this incredibly insane bit of Literature, but I was asked to make this on one of my favorite games of all time, so expect some epicness and a view into my mind on what I do as a general on this game.

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Rome Total War Review Empty Re: Rome Total War Review

Post  mikecunny on 8th January 2011, 14:54

Nice review drae Smile
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